5 Stunning Looking Bubble Tea That's Perfect for Your Instagram Feed

We are all used to the good o'l favourite brewed milk tea with black pearls as the standard of bubble tea or boba. That might all change after you see all the stunning looking new bubble tea below. They are definitely eye catching like a fancy cocktail and certainly Instagramable. Would you give any of these a try?

 1. Mermaid’s Tears from Bobii Frutii (Singapore)

Mermaid’s Tears from Bobii Frutii (Singapore)

The Mermaid’s Tears is a pastel ombre drink. The drink has blue butterfly pea pearls, honey, lemon, milk and, mango - giving it a light zesty profile much like a lemon mango sherbet and of course a fairy tale looking appearance.

2. Tea Egg Milk Tea - Wang Dong (Taipei)

WangTea Egg

If you have been to Taiwan, you must have tried their famous tea egg - egg boiled and infused by rich black tea. Now this store has combined the 2 Taiwan delicacy into one thing. The savouriness of the egg and sweetness of the milk tea is surprisingly matching.

3. Candy Floss Bubble Tea - Vivi Bubble Tea (New York)

Candy Floss Bubble Tea - Vivi Bubble Tea, New York

This is for the one with super sweet tooth. Combination of multi-colour candy floss and silky smooth milk tea will surely shoot up your blood sugar level. If that's not enough for you, feel free to order a couple of macaroon to go with it!

4. Shake your boo-tea - Flamingo Bloom (Hong Kong)

Shake your boo-tea - Flamingo Bloom, Hong Kong

This quirky tea shop has recently joined the trend of bubble tea and offer the tea in funky looking cup that grabs everyone's attention. Picture speaks for itself.  

5. Pastel Colour Bubble Tea - Alfred Tea Room (Aoyama)

Alferd Tea Room originate from Los Angeles, turned their back from the typical fast pace bubble tea store and instead branded their shop like an elegant coffee. The drink packaging also follows the same styling as the room deco of pastel pink and off-white.

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