5 Unbelievably Beautiful Japanese Dessert and Treats

I came across these picture perfect / too pretty to be consumed Japanese dessert and treats and I knew I have to share it with you. These little pieces of edible art are from Teneya (たねや), a Japanese confectionary shop with over 45 years of history. Here I have picked a few of the best to showcase their skills and dedication to delivery these premium confectionaries. If you get a chance to visit Japan, please pay a visit and let me know how good they taste!

1. Spring Plum Jelly

Spring Plum Confectionary

Spring picked plums that has been pickled in plum wine wrapped with flavoured jelly.

2. Spring Biscuit and Sakura Mochi

Spring Biscuit and Rice Cake

The Spring Biscuit is a bean paste rice cake wrapped in flaky pastry. The sakura mocha is wrapped in Michijyoji with a white bean paste and dyed sakura pink to represent spring.

3. Olive Oil Mochi

Olive Oil Mochi

This one is a snow white looking mochi made with Omi rice and wrapped with the  crumb of bean paste finished off by drizzling of virgin olive oil. Yummm.

 4. Crispy Berry Bean Heart

Crispy Heart

These are limited edition for the upcoming Valentines Day. Sakura pink tinted crispy  shell filled with rich sour mixed-berry bean paste. 

5. Bean Paste Filled Manju Dough

Bean Paste Filled Manju Dough

This rustic manju is made from smooth soft dough and rich sweet bean paste. They are all handmade by delicate pastry chefs to form the gentle round soft ball.


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